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Created: 2011-02-23

Updated: 2013-11-13

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eiskaltdcpp-qt_chat.png     eiskaltdcpp-qt_search.png
EiskaltDC++ 2.1 (beta3) in Debian GNU/Linux (Sid)
KDE-4.4.5, for GTK+ and Qt uses the theme QtCurve

eiskaltdcpp-qt_adc-hub.png     eiskaltdcpp-qt_dc.ozerki.net.png
EiskaltDC++ 2.1 (beta3). Left: the connection to some ADC hub. Right: the connection to the hub dc.ozerki.net
(dc.ozerki.net – one of the largest hubs in Russia, it's working under Debian GNU/Linux)

eiskaltdcpp_chat__widgets_side_bar.png     eiskaltdcpp_search__widgets_side_bar.png
EiskaltDC++ 2.0.2 (r936). Comfortable sidebar.

eiskaltdcpp-qt_chat__multiline_tabbar.png     eiskaltdcpp-qt_search__multiline_tabbar.png
EiskaltDC++ Qt 2.1 (beta3). Multiline tabs panel in a vertical (left) and horizontal (right) positions.

eiskaltdcpp-gtk_chat.png     eiskaltdcpp-gtk_search.png
EiskaltDC++ Gtk 2.1 (beta3). General chat (left) and the list of files (right).

eiskaltdcpp-gtk_chat__tabbar_at_left.png     eiskaltdcpp-gtk_file-list__tabbar_at_left.png
EiskaltDC++ Gtk 2.1 (beta3). General chat (left) and the list of files (right); tabs panel is on the left side of the window.

eiskaltdcpp-web_search.png     eiskaltdcpp-web_downloads.png     eiskaltdcpp-web_status.png
EiskaltDC++ Web UI 2.3.0 (767fe0e). Search (left), download queue (center) and statistics (right).

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Standard notifications in EiskaltDC++ and FreeDC++.
Screenshot for Win7 was provided by pavelvat

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